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Vehicle Dynamics Detector (VDD)

According to reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), every year approximately 1–1.24 million people are killed while 20–50 million people are injured on the roads across the world. Moreover, if the current tendency lasts for a decade, an increased rate as high as 60–70% of road accidents could make it the 5th main cause of death by 2030. A significant portion of road accidents is attributed to drivers’ careless driving behaviour. Therefore, there is a requirement of automatic and real time driving monitoring systems to avoid road accidents. Autonomous local warnings and remote assistance can be given to the driver to encourage careful driving. In this innovation, VDD has been developed to keep an eye on the driving behaviour of a driver and to provide necessary assistance for safe driving. This intelligent prototype system is capable of detecting various vehicle signature like the ignition (Start and Stop), the regular running of the car, the idle mode of the vehicle, the application of break and its force, the tilting angle of the vehicle at different terrain, the presence of the speed breaker and the pothole on the road, and the occurrence of unusual events. The heterogeneous sensor based customized low cost embedded platform also sends the events location and different alarm signals through multiple channel to ensure high probability reception. Embedded smart algorithm facilitates the high accuracy of decision making. All of these features can also be accessed remotely by integrating a communication module into the device. In the future, as a road safety measure, this kind of device may need to be strictly installed within the car or two wheelers in a very cost effective way. Keywords - Automatic, Real Time Driving Monitoring, Remote Assistance, Intelligent Prototype, Vehicle Signature, Heterogeneous Sensor Based Customized Low Cost Embedded Platform, Cost Effective.