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Painless Blood Glucose Monitoring System Which Measures Glucose Level

Diabetes has come to be a serious problem that may affect people of all ages. To reduce the pain associated with invasive glucose monitoring devices, a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system is required. The ultimate motive of this study is to investigate the possibility of using the Photoplethysmography (PPG) technique for monitoring blood glucose levels. By proposing this technology, it hopes to give a cost-effective alternative that provides continuous monitoring of blood glucose concentrations while minimizing patient inconvenience. To design a portable and innovative non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device for diabetics to evaluate blood glucose concentration as needed. In this project it display the glucose value on OLED and this data can be stored in database, and also it can be send to the doctors through android application so that patient can get early medications andprecautions. Keywords - Diabetes, Glucose Measurement, PPG Sensor, Non-Invasive Method, Portable, ARM®Cortex™ Microcontroller