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Design and Analysis of CMOS Based D-Type Flip Flop By Using 45nm Technology

Low-power digital systems are the key objective of the field of digital electronics. The usage of very large-scale integration(VLSI) technologies has been expanding quickly in high-performance computing, wireless communication, and consumer electronics. Growing leakage power consumption is VLSI technology's greatest challenge. The desire for high performance and low area implementation of fundamental memory elements arises from the widespread use of memory storage systems in modern electronics, and D-type flip-flop is a widely recognized state-holding element.In this paper, Dtype flip-flops with Demorgan's law (DFF-DL) and D-type flip-flops with transmission gates (DFF-TG) have been designed and analyzed. Small, compact areas are the design goals of the DFF-DL and DFF-TG in order to achieve the lowest production costs and quicker processing times with a smaller transistor count. Using 45-nm CMOS (complementary metaloxide semiconductor) technology, their schematics and corresponding layouts have been simulated.In terms of area, power consumption, and power delay, the performance of these designed circuits is analyzed using the Virtuoso tool of the Cadence simulation platform. Keywords - VLSI, D-type flip-flops with Demorgan's law (DFF-DL), D-type flip-flops with transmission gates (DFFTG), CMOS,Virtuoso