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Frequency Response Of Series And Parallel Combination Of Two Single Feedback Class D Amplifier

Amplifier is generally used to increase the amplitude of the signal. Consider the audio signal, if the amplitude of the audio signal is increased, then automatically loudness of the signal is increased. Class D Amplifier (CDA) consists of integrator, PWM modulator and output stage. This system can be defined as a open loop CDA system. The main factor to be considered for any amplifier circuit is the gain which is obtained by frequency response. To improve the gain of the amplifier, the various authors referred in reference designed a CDA system with closed loop with single and double feedback. Double feedback CDA has higher gain compared to single feedback CDA system. To improve the gain further, we proposed two methods – series and parallel combination of two single feedback CDA systems. Keywords- Frequency, Parallel Combination, Amplifier, PWM Modulator, Improve the Gain, etc.