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Optimized And Energy Efficient Air Cooling System For Industrial And Domestic Applications

Air cooler is the device which is used to cool down the atmospheric air. Air coolers that are available in the market are open loop systems, hence they are not automatic and also they do not save energy. In this paper, we approach to make these cooling systems automatic by making it a closed loop system. The controlling is done in such a way that the system uses only that much quantity of water and electricity which is required and rest of the energy is thus saved. The system incorporates microcontroller AT89C51 for the automation purpose, temperature sensor LM35 for controlling the fan unit, time delay algorithm for controlling the water pump, solenoid valve for automatically filling of tank unit of cooling system. Keywords- Microcontroller AT89C51, ADC 0804, Temperature Sensor LM35, Solenoid Valve, Air Cooling System.