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Design, simulation and development of two Axes gimbal for micro arial vehicle

This paper presents the design, simulation and development of two axes gimbal for holding and controlling the position of camera in Micro Arial vehicle. There are wide ranges of applications of gimbal but here it is used to stabilize the camera position which is used to capture the image or to record the video of target. The gimbal mechanism will keep the camera towards target position by compensating the disturbances and vibrations caused by MAV while tracking target. When the MAV is navigating with a bank by any angle the gimbal rotates with help of servo motors to keep the camera remain focused on the target. To track any object we need to locate three coordinates(x, y, and z) of any object, so to reach the target camera position is adjusted along the three axes named as roll, pitch and yaw axes. In gimbal the camera position is adjusted using three servo motors along the above mentioned three axes. Here positional encoders are used as the feedback element to measure and stabilize the orientation of gimbal. This model is designed and simulated in solid works software. The various parameters involved in design, simulation and results are discussed in the paper. Keywords- Design, Gimbal, MAV, Solid Works.