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Micro-Controller Based Low Energy Consuming Chemical Sensor

Micro controller based chemical sensor is a low energy consuming device which can be utilized for the detection of chemical levels. The device will be battery powered and it includes a magnetic reed switch to engage battery power. Device is built on the Energy friendly microcontroller unit. This Energy Saving Sensor is used for oceanographic applications. Hence the device will be setup prior to deployment and the stored readings will be retrieved via a data cable that will be connected once the sensor is out of the water. The sensor will be deployed with a diver and expected to be used in 8 hour intervals. The sensor has a digital and signal detection circuitry. The detection of chemical sensor data which will use a phase locked loop with a Vco feedback and is estimated by comparing the current phase acquired with the initial phase which we get from the sensor. This device can be utilized to calculate results from the sensor and the detection of this chemical amount are demonstrated in the memory estimating the number of bytes per measurement. Each measurement of the chemical amount is taken for every 10 seconds. The configuration is applicable to a wide range of chemical sensing applications. Keywords- Chemical Sensor, Phase Locked Loop, Energy Friendly Microcontroller, Energy Saving Sensor, Vco Feedback.