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Home Electricity Theft Control & Door Security Using Gsm

Automated security systems are useful addition to today’s home where safety against theft is important. Chances of property theft in unattended homes are high. Electricity theft and door break-in is major issue. Aim of the project is to design a system which detects electricity theft and door lock tempering. This project provides an overview of Wireless Sensor Network for Power Management. First objective is to secure door against theft. Tempering with door lock will actuate an electromechanical lock which can only be opened by a password sent by GSM module of the house owner. In case of electricity theft, system will detect and will cut-off the main power switch and inform house owner through text message. System will comprise of micro-controller, GSM module, current sensor, electromechanical lock, battery backup. Keywords- Automation, Security, Theft Control, Wireless