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Split-Boss Design For Improved Performance Of Mems Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

This paper proposes a novel split-boss design of piezoresistive pressure sensor for low pressure range (0-1.1bar). This design improves both sensitivity and non-linearity of the pressure sensor. The square diaphragm of pressure sensor is proposed to be fabricated by wet bulk micromachining using TMAH, undercutting the structure with an angle of 54.740. Corner compensation structures are proposed to be used for avoiding convex undercutting. The size of diaphragm is optimized to have high sensitivity and then a boss is added to improve the linearity. Further a split is introduced in the boss to improve the performance. Conventional design, bossed design and novel design are simulated in COMSOL® and the sensitivity and non-linearity are compared. The novel split-boss design proposed is found to be improving both non-linearity and sensitivity and thus enhancing the performance of pressure sensor. Keywords— Piezoresistive pressure sensor, bossed diaphragm, TMAH, COMSOL®