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Review Paper On Orbital Debris Mitigation And Removal And A New Model Insight

This study will be a combination of a review paper as well as a insight to the author’s own model and proposal. The aim of this paper is to support existing technologies geared entirely towards orbital debris mitigation and will serve as a follow up report and opinion on the issue and the recent advancements done to solve the issue. The paper will also assess the feasibility of models proposed by space faring organizations. The Focus of the paper is about to 1. Review all the major strides undertaken so far to mitigate the space debris population. 2. To outline the current status of the space debris mitigation methods undertaken by various space agencies so far. 3. Review models proposed for space debris mitigation and to assess their feasibility. This includes model costs and the budget estimates by space faring nations Moreover apart from the reviewing of the above, this paper also explains the model proposed by our team . This model is a Particle Accelerator of a oscillating field type using electromagnetic fields to propel particle radiation charged particles to nudge incoming space debris into earth orbit so that it gets incinerated due to friction in the earths atmosphere as it descends further. This model shall be explained further as the paper progresses.