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Optimal Citing Of Distribution Generation Units In Distribution Networks Based On Load Centroid Method

The Distribution System Load Flow (DSLF) methods take special care to overcome the ill- conditioned nature arising due to high R/X ratios of the feeders, which makes the fast decoupled Newton method often not valid. The DSLF methods also exploit the radial nature of the distribution networks. Centroid method of Distribution Load Flow Extensive research has been conducted to identify optimal DG allocation. Almost All known methods model the task as an optimization problem based on certain objective function(s) and constraints. The formulated optimization problem is commonly solved using various versions of heuristic techniques like SA, GA, PSO, ABC, etc. All these techniques are iterative methods that form a heavy computational burden and are very time consuming especially for fairly big networks. In this paper an analytical expression to calculate the optimal size and a methodology to identify the corresponding optimum location for DG placement for minimizing the total power losses in distribution systems based on the new concept of load centroid method is presented. The analytical expression and the methodology are based on the exact loss formula. This methodology can only identify the best location for a single DG. Case studies are performed on 12, 22, 33 bus radial distribution systems.