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Grid Interconnection Of PMSG Based Wind Energy System With Power Quality Improvement

The Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are being increasingly used during recent years. The integration of RES to the grid introduces power quality issues at the distribution level. In addition to that, the use of linear/nonlinear unbalanced loads made power quality as one of the major issues faced by the electrical industry. In this paper a wind energy conversion system with power quality improvement features is described. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) based wind power generation system modeling is done. A control strategy for the grid interfacing inverter with hysteresis current control is developed to improve power quality. The grid interfacing inverter is controlled in such a manner that the combination of grid interfacing inverter along with linear/nonlinear unbalanced load appears as balanced linear load to the grid at PCC. Extensive simulation studies are carried out in Matlab/Simulink to validate the proposed control approach. Index Terms—Distributed generation, Distribution system, Grid interconnection, Permanent magnet synchronous generator, Power quality, Renewable energy, Wind energy