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GSM Based Advanced Water Deployment System For Irrigation Using A Wireless Sensor Network & Android Mobile

an advanced water deployment system was developed to optimize water use for agricultural crops. Agriculture utilizes most of the fresh water, since the atmospheric parameters vary from place to place in large field, it makes very difficult to maintain the uniformity in all places of farm field manually. Hence the irrigation based modern agriculture is the recent requirement in every part of agriculture in India. So a combined action of wireless sensor network & embedded system is used in the irrigation. This paper demonstrates implemented embedded system for automatic irrigation which has a wireless sensor network placed in root zone of the plant for real time infield sensing & control of an irrigation system. In the developed system the temperature, soil moisture will be measured and it will be displayed for information of further action taken in consideration. This system helps the farmer to save water as well as reduce effort of the farmer for irrigation. It is observed that for the first time an android app inventor used in the irrigation system, which give the facilities of displaying & storing parameter database. Android mobile phones have almost become an integral part of human life serving multiple needs of humans. This application makes use of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) to inform the user about the exact field condition. The information is passed in the form of SMS. Index Terms- GSM Module (Mobile), Android, SMS, Wireless Sensor Network, Automatic Irrigation, Zigbee, Sensors, Microcontroller, Regulated Power Supply