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A Survey On Information Hiding Technique Digital Watermarking

In today’s scenario the use of the internet increased to availability of data such as image, text, audio and video files to the public. In today’s worlds Digital Watermarking is the technology that being developed to ensure and provide authentication data, protection from copyright of digital media Digital watermarking is the technology that can be easily applied to text, image, audio and video files. This report on topic “Digital Watermarking” contains brief study of Digital Watermarking, concept, main points in this area. It starts with overview, classification based upon different parameters, architecture, techniques, properties, attack’s, application, Advantages and Disadvantages, requirements, Limitations and challenges, and evaluate performance metric of Digital Watermarking Keywords – Applications, Attacks, Challenges, Techniques, Digital Watermarking, Steganography, Information hiding, Robustness, spatial domain, Frequency domain, Spread spectrum, LSB, DFT, DCT, DWT.