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Ranking Of Soft Drinks Using Analytical Hierarchy Process

In India, there are various soft drinks options to drink depends on choice of people and their tastes. In this paper, we focus on various soft drinks. These are – Coca cola, Pepsi, Thumps up, sprite, Fanta, and Limca all are non – alcoholic models. Soft Drinks are the beverage drinks made of bottled water, carbonates, functional drinks, concentrates. The main purpose of this paper was to establish the most important things influence brand loyalty among soft drink people in the Indian markets. The problems which are facing by the customers to drink which Soft drinks because of not having enough details of the judging requirements and the companies.Some factors are responsible for the selection of different soft drinks. Indian every year drink consumption is nearly 120 billion litters. The first things to find out the major factors that influence customers to select one particular brand of cold drink from different brands in the different market. The study was found between March2015 to May 2015. The target people were majorly youth people use a product. Keywords - Soft drinks companies, Taste/Flavour, Selection factors, Analytic Hierarchy Process.