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Study Of A Novel C-Band Circular Slot Antenna Having Frquency Band-Notched Function

The Circular slot antenna is designed for C-Band(4Ghz-8Ghz) is suitable for mobile applications centre frequency at 5 GHz. It contains 12 semicircular iteration section, each section is 1mm wide produce fringing effect. The proposed antenna has a compact size, good radiation characteristics, wide band-width of 4.6 GHz to satisfy the requirement of the current wireless communication systems. Antenna parameters like return loss(S11), gain, VSWR and radiation pattern are calculated and simulated and compared. The design and simulation is done using HFSS v13 simulation tool and it is fabricated on a FR4 Epoxy and RT duroid 5880 dielectric substrate. Keywords- FR4 Epoxy; RT Duroid 5880; Circular Slot Microstrip Antenna; Gain; Directivity; HFSS