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Concealed Weapon Detection Using X-Ray Images

This work examines methods to detect concealed weapons inside passenger luggage in airport and security points. This work implements enhancement to existing techniques for the detection of concealed weapons from x-ray images. This work attempts to implement the SIFT technique with other techniques such as histogram and segmentation to enhance the performance of the SIFT technique which originally shows good performance while the template is extracted from the same tested image, but shows low accuracy while the template is not from the same tested image. Many image processing algorithms are developed and used to classify and detect objects using different extracted features of the image. One of these methods is the SIFT which is modified by pre-processing the x-ray images especially where the template structure are different and lacks the common features. The pre-processing techniques used are histogram equalization and edge detection. Index Terms — SIFT, Concealed Weapon, Histogram, Segmentation, Detection.