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Characterization Of A Square Spiral Aluminium Nantenna For Solar Energy Harvesting

In this paper, the aluminium square spiral nano-antenna is proposed for solar energy collection. The characterization of these nantennas based on their geometrical parameters is carried out using simulation. The geometrical parameters include inner radius, arm width, turn width, and gap width. The simulation is performed in the ultraviolet to near infrared region. It is found that geometrical parameters significantly affect the electric field enhancement capability and also resonant wavelengths. The results demonstrate 103-104 electric field enhancement at the feeding point of nantennas. The maximum field enhancement is achieved with smallest gap and arm widths, but largest radius and turn width structure. The resonant wavelength shifts up as the overall nantenna dimension increases. The simple linear mathematical prediction models for electric field enhancement and resonant wavelengths are generated for specific set of inputs. Both aluminium and gold nantennas produce comparable field enhancement over the range of interest, which suggests the aluminium nantenna as a potential candidate for nantenna applications. Keywords- Aluminium nantenna, Finite Element Method, Solar Energy Collection, Spiral antennas