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A Study Of Adequate Installed Capacity Of Battery Banks In Wind-Storage Systems

Theinterconnection and parallel operation of distributed generations (DGs) withina distribution network usually lead to problems associated with power quality, especially with the large-scalewind farms (WFs). Thispaper proposed a circumspectapproach to assessingthe adequate capacity of a battery energy storage system (BESS) in a wind-storage system to enlarge the utilization of wind power in WFs. Using thebisection search approach (BSA), is an effective and simple method to determine the maximum allowable interconnection capacity of WTGs. In addition, the proposed implementation meetsthe grid-interconnection requirements, such as steady-state voltage deviation (SSVD) and feederthermal capacity (FTC),shall bemetwhile determiningthe adequate BESS capacity. Finally, a practical sample system was performed to assess the efficacy of the proposed approach in a large-scale wind-storage system, while solve problem of the installing storage capacity. Index Terms—Wind Farm, Battery Energy Storage System, Steady-State Voltage Deviation, Wind-Storage System, Maximum Allowable Interconnected Capacity.