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Data Sharing In Multi-Owner Style With Revocation Mechanism

With rapid elasticity, transparency and low maintenance, cloud provides the convenient and best solution for data sharing among the cloud users in a group, and pay-as-you-go manner. Data storage is the most fundamental service used by the users to store and share data. Sharing the data becomes complex task in a multi-owner manner, still maintaining privacy and data preservation is a challenging issue, this is because of frequent membership change. Therefore we propose Data sharing in multi-owner style with revocation mechanism in cloud for dynamic groups by using the techniques called dynamic broadcast encryption technique, group signature technique and recovery mechanism. Meanwhile the number of revoked are independent of computation cost of encryption and storage overhead. So this guarantees user can share the data and maintain back up of the data in case of data/file lost. Keywords— Cloud computing, Privacy preserving, Data sharing, multi-owner manner, Dynamic broadcast encryption, access control, group signature, data backup.