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Solar Powered Electric Bicycle With Kinetic Energy Restoration System (KERS)

Nowadays personal and efficient modes of transportation used in India include bi-cycles, mopeds and motorcycles. These mopeds and motorcycles tend to be more costly in terms of 1.initial buying cost, 2.ever-rising prices of fuels especially petrol required for driving these vehicles, 3.high maintenance cost. Also the fossil fuel deposits are getting depleted day by day and it’s hard to find the new ones to replace them. Again the pollution due to these fuels is jeopardizing the environment continuously. On the other hand, the low buying cost and zero running cost traditional bi-cycle sometimes tends to be inconceivable as lots of muscle power is wasted by rider propelling the pedals to rotate the driving rear wheel. Keeping all this in mind, engineers are left to think of a new way to cater these economically poor people as well as to provide a solution for environmental pollution. Thus Solar Energy turns out to be freely and abundant available energy source which could be harnessed easily and converted to electrical energy using a low cost mechanism and used for the purpose of instilling mobility. Hence, a Solar Powered Electric Bicycle is proposed over here. Our solar powered electric bicycle developed is driven by PMDC motor. The solar panels mounted, in a detachable mode, will charge the battery, which in turn drive the motor. When riding bicycle, kinetic energy is lost while applying brakes, and also, human effort during pedaling uphill. We also need to maintain our cycle’s efficiency level after battery discharges on cloudy days. Here we are planning to use mechanical kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) by means of a flywheel to store the energy. This is one of its kind proto-type. Keywords— PMDC, Flywheel, KERS, Solar Powered Electric Bicycle, Prototype.