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Control Of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Under Unbalanced Fault Conditions Using Fuzzy Controller

The increasing penetration of distributed power generation into the power system leads to a continuous evolution of grid interconnection requirements. Individual phase current control with the capability to avoid overvoltage in grid connected photovoltaic systems under unbalanced voltage sags is proposed to effectively meet grid code requirements for grid connected photovoltaic systems. During voltage sags grid connected photovoltaic systems should support grid voltages by inject reactive currents at grid regulations. Such injection must not allow the non-faulty phases grid voltage to go beyond 110% of their nominal value. Yet, in the non-faulty phases grid overvoltage’s can occur, the currents injected into the grid are balanced by the grid connected photovoltaic system. This grid system is deal with by manipulative individual phases and injecting unbalanced currents into the grid during voltage sags. This project was verified using MATLAB/SIMULINK through simulation. Index Terms- Photovoltaic System, Power System Faults, Reactive Current Control.