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GAN -HEMT Doherty Power Amplifier For High Power And High Efficiency

This paper discuss the design of high power and high efficiency Doherty power amplifier. Design strategy basically depends upon the elimination of bandwidth and power constraints in basic Doherty amplifier as pointed by Investigation, they are quarter impedance transformer and capacitance at the transistor output terminal, In this frame work designing wideband Doherty power amplifier which is realized by using wideband compensators along with second and third harmonics turning and wideband branch line coupler at the output replaces thequarter Impendence transformer. Simulation results of the wideband band DPA , for the 3.1GHz to 3.75 GHz, gives the drain efficiency 70% - 75% and power added efficiency 65%at about 46-43 dBm output power and gain around 12 dB in the desired band. Index Terms- Doherty Power Amplifier (DPA), Efficiency, output power ,Wider-Band BLC, wideband Compensators.