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Design Of Novel Fuzzy Based Method For Contrast Enhancement

Several researches have been carried out to enhance the contrast of image because of its wide applications in surveillance, medical domain and enhancement of geostationary images. Conventional methods likes bilinear interpolation and histogram equalization are either under expose or over expose the contrast of the image which result in poor image quality, to overcome this drawback here we propose a novel fuzzy based contrast enhancement method. In the proposed work variable membership function is used to map input membership function into output memberships which are transformed using different intensity transformation method. At the end fuzzy rule has been adopted to defuzzify the transformed image which results in preeminent contrast enhanced image. To test the performance of the method, comparative analysis have been carried out based on parameters like SSIM, PSNR which shows the outperformance of proposed method over the existing. Keywords— Contrast Enhancement; Membership function; Intensity Transformation; Fuzzy; Defuzzify.