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Visible Light Polarization Effects In HAMR Light Delivery System

In this paper we discuss three types of light polarization that can be used for heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) system. The light delivery system consists of dielectric slab waveguide and C-aperture near field transducer (NFT). The proposed geometry is designed to integrate with the 632 nm visible light source. The simulated results show that the power intensity distribution along x- and y-directions for elliptical polarization provides overall highest intensity. Furthermore, the electric field intensities of circular and elliptical polarizations are around 30% and 15% respectively, higher than that of the linear polarization in the y-direction. The spot sizes measured from circular and elliptical polarizations at full width half maximum (FWHM) and Gaussian approximations are relatively similar and are slightly larger than that obtained from the linear polarization. Results of power intensity and spot size show circularly and elliptically polarized lights at 632 nm as the potential light source modes for the HAMR system. Keywords— HAMR, Polarization, NFT, Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording.