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Smart Vehicle Prototype of Arduino Based Vehicleg

The objective of this paper is to design and implement Smart Vehicle using microcontroller. This smart vehicle is controlled through PC by ZigBee communication using an application software. The microcontroller gets the command from PC and transmit the information to the vehicle, receives the data and performs the necessary action. Motor driver is used to control the motors Arduino UNO is used to command the motors to a particular direction controlled by wireless communication. GPS is used to determine the speed of the vehicle. Gyro meter sensor is used to balance the vehicle and accelerate on the basis of the force applied on the vehicle. Magnetometer sensor is used to determine the direction of the vehicle. Battery indicator is installed to indicate the level of the battery. GSM is used for accident detection using piezo sensor. SMART VEHICLE controlled by the controller attached to a computer running through XCTU software. The vehicle is powered Arduino UNO and can be expanded upon the addition of sensors over other devices. Using XCTU the vehicle direction can be controlled. Using Arduino ID, one can easily modify the controller program and expand the features of the SMART VEHICLE with very little programming knowledge.