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Simulation Study and Performance Optimization of Piezoelectric MEMS Device For Acoustic Sensor Applications

This paper presents simulation study and performance optimization of piezoelectric sensors to detect acoustic pressure inside the rail tracks. The structure of Piezoelectric MEMS Sensor is designed using COMSOL Multiphysics software which uses finite element method to compute the results. The structure is first simulated for five different piezoelectric materials i.e. Lead Zirconate Titanium (PZT-5H), PZT-5A, Zinc Oxide (ZnO), Quartz and Rochelle salt to optimize the output voltage. Further optimization is performed at the geometry level by varying the thickness of the piezoelectric sensor and at the input level by simulating the model for different pressures. A comparison between the performances of circular and rectangular piezoelectric sensor structures has also been reported. Keywords— COMSOL, Rolling noise, PZT-5A, PZT-5H, ZnO, SAWS, Energy Harvesting.