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Design of QAM Based OFDM Transceiver System -A Learning Model

The paper proposes a QAM based OFDM transceiver system as a learning model to study the advances in MIMO wireless technology. As OFDM supports high data rate and superior performances under various wireless transmission channel conditions, has found numerous applications in future wireless, mobile and broadband communication systems. For this purpose, a learning model for QAM based OFDM transmitter & receiver system has been developed The performance of the transceiver system has been analyzed by using a wireless channel impaired with AWGN noise and by varying the SNR ratio of the channel, its effect on the BER performance of the system has been studied. The results indicate that the SNR ratio of the channel varies inversely to the BER values of the system. Keywords— QAM, OFDM, SNR,BER,AWGN,MIMO Wireless Technology, Broadband Communications.