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Implementation of a Refinery Inspection Robot by Using Wi-Fi Based Communication and Localization

Oil and gas refineries can be a dangerous environment for human life because of extreme heat, toxic gasses, and unexpected catastrophic failures. A mobile robotic platform is developed to augment on how human operators interact with these environments. This paper focuses on the use of WiFi module for communicating and localizing the robot. Algorithms are developed and tested to minimize the total number of WiFi access points (APs) needed to cover an environment for the localization of robot. The throughput requirements are consideration and it is ensured that every location in the region can be reach by at least k APs. Whenever multiple WiFi APs are close together, there is a potential for interference. A graphcoloring heuristic is used to determine the channel allocation of AP. WiFi fingerprinting based localization is also developed. All the algorithms are implemented and tested in real world scenarios. Keywords— WIFI Access Points, Localization, Channel Allocation.