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MRC Based Energy Efficient System With Alamouti

At this time, energy efficiency (EE) is becoming important for mobile devices, as battery technology has not kept up with the growing requirement stemming from ubiquitous multimedia applications. In this wireless communications, two most important factors are energy efficiency & spectrum Efficiency. The best modulation and transmission methodologies to minimize the total energy consumptions required at the system model. Now we first consider multi input multi output (MIMO) system based on Alamouti Diversity Schemes, which have good Spectral Efficiency but also the circuit approximately will consume less energy. That will extend our energy efficient analysis of MIMO system. The information for Tx -Rx pair will be secure in terms of less Bit Error Rate, we show that tremendous energy saving is possible for larger transmission distance.We also know that over some distance ranges, cooperative MIMO TX & reception can simultaneously achieve both energy saving& delay reduction. At this point OFDM principal helps to avoid the Inter symbol interference (ISI) while Alamouti provides signal security with reducing errors especially at high signal to noise ratio .Authors have consider the white Gaussian noise to check the effect on designed system, also channel assumed to be with low correlation coefficient among the channels. In this paper authors have used 2×2 mimo architecture with low correlation coefficient to study the effect of high SNR, bit error rate on energy consumption level i.e. energy per bit at high SNR by using MRC detection technique. Index terms- Energy EfficiencyAlamouti Codes, BER, CSI, Energy Efficiency, MIMO, OFDM.