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Comparision of Statistical Traffic Analysis For Manet (Stars) and Statistical Traffic Analysis Using Geocast Routing (GSTAR)

Various enhancing techniques have been proposed to protect the communication anonymity of mobile ad hoc networks (MANET). However, MANET are easily vurnilable under passive attacks, attacker easily modified the packets without decrypting the capture traffic, hence statistical traffic analysis system for MANET (STARS) is presented. STARS is traffic system, which capture the raw traffic. From the captured packets, STARS constructs a sequence of point-to-point traffic matrices to derive the end-to-end traffic matrix, matrices are used to derive the source/destination probability distribution and the end-to-end link probability which it identify the source and destination also provide the link establishment .but In STARS, there are multiple receivers are present in the communication network so the actual receiver of a point-to-point transmission is not identifiable as high potential receivers involved within the sender’s transmitting range. This inaccuracy can be mitigated in GSTAR because most potential receivers of a packet will be contained within one or a few supernodes. also STARS provide less efficiency, high overhead and not able to handle high traffic density Hence a system ”Statistical Traffic Pattern Discovery System for MANET Using Geocast Routing (GSTAR)” implemented to overcome the drawback of STARS. Keywords— Mobile adhoc networks (MANET), statistical traffic analysis for MANET (STARS),statistical traffic analysis using geocast routing (GSTAR), ,hybrid location based adhoc routing protocol (HLAR), adhoc routing protocol (AODV).