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On Shoe Wearable Sensors For Detecting Foot Neuropathy

Abstract - Foot Neuropathy is a serious medical disorder and can be prevented by the early detection of abnormal pressure patterns under the foot. By a sending imperceptible vibration through the feet of Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients significantly improves the damaged nerves and stimulates blood flow. The methods used in clinics are based on complex motion laboratory settings or simple timing outcomes using stop watches and Timed Up and Go test. The goal of this paper is to design and build a low-cost foot pressure and foot movement analysis and blood flow stimulation system, embedded within smart footwear which a patient can wear at any place to monitor his or her foot pressure distribution to identify and diagnose foot neuropathy as early as possible. To improve the blood flow the smart footwear has a set of miniature vibrating motors that stimulate the nerves by vibrating in different amplitude that can be configured individually, started and stopped by the user. The smart footwear will collect data from inertial sensors and periodically transfer this data to the handheld unit where it will be stored in a memory card for future reference or for an analysis by a doctor.