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Data Analysis of Natural – Clusters With NCSS 11

Natural Clusters are the groupings found in Nature. In the present study the Behavioral. Integrity is used to group the Employees of an organization which affects the overall productivity of the organization. The present work relates to the problem of employee productivity measurement which is solved by performing an experimental study of Hierarchical Agglomerative Cluster Analysis. The Synthetic Data of 25 Grade – A Employees is inputted to perform the Data Analysis. The Euclidean Metric is used to compute the pair-wise Distance between the clusters and the Single Linkage Algorithm is used to compute the cluster linkage. NCSS 11 software is used to find if the Behavioral Integrity (BI) is correlated to the general Intelligence (GI).The result obtained indicates that BI is positively correlated to GI since the value of Cophenetic correlation co-efficient= 0.716992. Keywords— Cophenetic correlation coefficient, Single, Euclidean, Synthetic Data, BI, GI.