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A Parallel Study of Designing and Simulation of Industrial Robotics

Industrial robotics is a major element in field of automated production. Industrial robots provide high speed and large workspace. Researching and adapting to this growing technology is the need of the day. Hence we present our knowledge in this paper by lettering a kindred study of industrial robotics and its simulation using various toolboxes/software mainly MATLAB. Limitations of all major types of robotic arm are viewed and analyzed. Studying and interpreting concepts of Robotic arm and giving a viewpoint is main aim of the paper. It is learnt that various software are used for the simulation and for analyzing the practical approach of industrial robot. The major aspects related to Industrial robotics are designing, simulation and implementation. A comparative study on all the aspects is presented. How a particular pattern works? What kind of motional (kinematic and dynamic) approach is required to implement the working is penned here. Industrial robotics is a field that has large applications, since every project cannot be directly implemented, simulation is of utter importance. Physical simulation is tiresome and is not that advantageous so we move towards software simulation. Software helps in acquiring more accurate and reliable simulating results. As any large scale project has a fiscal estimate, one cannot afford to neglect even a bit of issue related to projects and hence precise, parallel simulation and analysis of any industrial robot is of extreme importance. So presenting the idea of the aspects and uses of toolboxes is our outlook. The overall learning gives the exact idea how industrial robot (robotic arm) is simulated and its techniques used along with its future scope. Keywords- Industrial robotics, robotic arm, simulation, designing, MATLAB tools.