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Dual‐Band CP Antenna by Line‐Coupling to a Patch and a Ring

A dual‐band CP antenna is realized simply by line‐coupling to a ring and a patch. The CP bandwidth is 46 MHz for GPS‐L1 band and is 12 MHz for GPS‐L2 band. The line is between the two radiation elements so that the polarizations are of the same sense. To get polarizations with opposite sense, both elements can be placed on the same side of the feed line. To increase the gain above 7.5 dBiC, an air layer of 12 mm is inserted between the FR4 substrate and the ground plane. The use of the air‐layer, however, increases the size of the antenna to 105 mm in width and 90 mm in length. Index Terms—Air‐layer, Circular Polarization, Dual‐Band, GPS Antenna.