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High Performance Antenna Design For Wearable Smart Watch

In this paper, a high performance antenna design for wearable smartwatch using controlled endless metal rim mode is introduced. The proposed antenna occupies a clearance of 1 mm × 4 mm on a 30 mm × 20 mm ground plane. The metal rim with a dimension of 34 mm × 24 mm surrounds the ground plane without any connection, so the metal rim is separated from the ground plane with a gap of 2 mm. In addition, a lumped capacitor between the metal rim and the ground plane is inserted to control the characteristic mode of the metal rim. The performance of the proposed antenna is compared with a reference antenna without the inserted capacitor between the metal rim and ground plane through simulation and measurement, and a wide bandwidth is generated by the proposed technique. Index Terms- Wearable device antenna, Smartwatch, Bluetooth, Wi‐Fi, Characteristic mode