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A Multilevel Inverter For Synchronizing The Grid With Renewable Energy Sources By Implementing Battery Cum Dc-Dc Conerter

Abstract-There is an increasing demand of power and load shedding is preferred as a solution. An interruption for a few cycles of power supply results in loss of data, mal functioning of various sensitive equipments. A model is developed to provide uninterrupted power supply to the consumers in the event of failure of the main input source. The different modes of operation that has been developed are normal, back-up and charging. The output of the integrated flyback converter is given to the multilevel inverter. A cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter is implemented using a single DC power source and capacitors. A standard cascaded multilevel inverter requires ‘n’ DC sources for ‘2n + 1’ levels. Without requiring transformers, the scheme proposed allows the use of a single DC power source (e.g., a battery, a fuel cell stack or photo voltaic panel) with the remaining n−1 DC sources being capacitors. The DC voltage level of the capacitors can be maintained simultaneously and a fundamental frequency switching pattern can be chosen to produce a nearly sinusoidal output. The number of levels is increased up to fifteen by adding six bidirectional switches to a H-bridge inverter. The main objectives are to improve the power quality by reducing the total harmonic distortion to a very low value and the reduction of the per unit cost of electricity.