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RAQP – A Range Query Privacy Preserving Scheme For Smart Grid Information System

Abstract- Smart Grid Information System, imagined as a future possibility as an essential power infrastructure, is featured by real-time and two-way communications. However, how to securely retrieve and audit the communicated metering data for validation testing is still challenging for smart grid information system. In this paper, a novel privacy-preserving range query scheme over encrypted metering data, named RaQP is being proposed to address the privacy issues in financial auditing for smart grid information system. In this scheme, it actually allows a residential user to store the metering data on cloud servers in an encrypted form (Data Confidentiality). When financial auditing is needed, an authorized requester (Data Privacy) can only send the query tokens (Range Query Privacy) to a cloud server to retrieve the metering data. Security analysis demonstrates that in the proposed scheme, only an authorized requester can obtain the query results that is Data Privacy is preserved, while the Data Confidentiality and Range Query Privacy are also being preserved.