Paper Title
Intelligent Traffic Control System

This paper presents an intelligent traffic control system to pass emergency vehicles smoothly. In this era, “Intelligent traffic control system” that can control traffic based on realistic situations in the need of an hour. Existing methods for traffic management, surveillance and control are not adequately efficient in terms of performance, cost and maintenance. Some emergency vehicles like ambulance, fire brigades and other important security conveys get struck in the traffic and have to wait which is not desirable.The scope of this paper is to present the initial steps to implement the traffic light control system based on Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology. We, in this method, intend to measure the traffic density by counting the number of vehicles in each lane and their weight. It is also difficult for a traffic police to monitor the whole scenario round the clock. So, this system can be implemented on highways and city traffic.An Intelligent Traffic Control System senses the presence or absence of vehicles and acts according to the sensor output. PLC takes data from sensors and checks the priorities. After that PLC provides signals to traffic signal. Sensor → PLC → Traffic Signal Our ITCS totally depend on the sensor output and take decisions. The ITCS works in 4 different modes: 1. Normal flow 2. Peak time 3. Off time 4. Manual operation. Peak time and Off time modes are depended on the sensor output and then change the status. PLC has strong adaptability in the complex environment and rich internal timer resources; it is easy to realize accuracy controlling the traffic lights, especially for multi-crossroads. When the emergency vehicle is approaching the junction, it will communicate to the traffic controller in the junction to ON the green light. Keywords- Control traffic based on realistic situations, clearance for emergency vehicles, acts according to sensor output, PLC, communication to traffic controller.