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Performance Analysis Of Sensored And Sensorless Drive Of Bldc Motor Using Different Types Of Dc/Dc Converters In Matlab/ Simulink Platform

Abstract This paper presents a scheme for implementing two different DC/DC converters in the commutation circuitry of BLDC motor drive and corresponding output characteristic in both sensored and sensorless drive. Here we have considered Buck and Boost converters in order to provide a regulated supply to the commutation circuitry. The drive circuit is a closed loop system with a PI controller, Six-Switch Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) and one of the DC/DC converters among Buck and Boost. The performances with these two modes of sensored and sensorless have been studied by considering a low speed operation. Finally a comparison has been studied on the basis of characteristics of stator currents, rotor speed and electromagnetic torque. The modeling and simulation of Buck and Boost converter fed BLDC motor is done using MATLAB/SIMULINK for both sensored and sensorless drive.