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Decoding Of Linear Block Codes Using Sum Product Algorithm

Abstract- In this paper, we exploit the usage of sum product algorithm for updating the reliability values of the received sequence at the receiver end. The reliability values based on the soft decision decoding scheme is utilized for proceeding in the further process of decoding. This method of decoding is more efficient in comparison to the hard decision process as the probability of every single bit as well as the parity bits are upgraded, thus taking into consideration the interconnections and dependency of every bits with its associated bits. Further its serves as a suboptimal decoding scheme, with reduced computations and searches in comparison to the optimal Maximum Likelihood decoding method that computes the probabilities based on log likelihood function. The comparison of the output obtained by using sum product algorithm or belief propagation is compared with the that obtained by ML scheme and the performance in an Additive White Gaussian Noise channel shows meager tradeoff in the error performance with reduced searches and computations.