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BER Performance Comparison In Demodulated Schemes Based On Backscatter Analysis Of Piggyback Modulation For Passive Uhf Rfid Tags

Abstract- Inspired by state of the Backscatter modulation piggyback modulation, basics of the backscatter from a passive tag 16-QAM demodulation is proposed to reduce the interferences between two independent data streams and improve the bit error rate are addressed. We present the same symbol error rate, 16-QAM modulation requires lesser signal to noise ratio, when compared with 16PSK modulation. The bit error rate (BER) performance would be improved if the demodulation is performed by taking both amplitude and phase into account. Comparison of experimental and theoretical result, demodulation analysis for the ASK, PSK and 16-QAM are presented. Conformed bit error probability for QPSK modualtion in Gaussian Environment is offered.