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Discernment Of Packet Dropper Using Reverse Traversal Technique

Abstract- MANETs or Mobile Ad-hoc networks are an independent network of mobile devices connected by wireless links. MANETs can also be defined as peer to peer, multi-hop, mobile, wireless network that has neither a fixed infrastructure nor a central server. In MANETs each node acts as a router and communicates with each other as the transmission range of nodes is limited, hence nodes mutually cooperate with its neighboring nodes in order to extend the overall communication i.e A MANET is powerful when more number of nodes cooperate to transfer the traffic. However, some nodes may start acting selfishly in order to preserve its resources such as hardware, battery life or bandwidth. Such nodes are called Selfish nodes/Packet Droppers. Packet Droppers only attempts to communicate with the nodes to which it desires to the send data packets , refusing to cooperate when it receives routing packets or data packets that are to be routed. Hence, either dropping data packets or refusing to retransmit the routing packets. This paper proposes a Packet Dropper detection technique named the Reverse Traversal technique and also analyzes performances of AODV routing protocol before and after the usage of the detection technique in the presence of an increasing number of Packet Droppers and an increasing node mobility. Simulation results simulated on NS-2 simulator (ns-2.35) are presented to evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme