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Printing Machine UV Lamp Temperature Control Panel by using Microcontroller (Atmega32)

Printing is done for various aspects such as for decorating purpose, information shearing through magazine, news paper, books, on textile etc. The design or text is printed on cloth or paper or wood. In printing there is problem to cure (dry) the ink after print. If it is not cure as early as then there is possibility to sprayed the ink. The aim of this project is to control various aspects of curing such as level of ink, temp of lamp, moisture/humidity of ink and speed of fan by using PLC & Microcontroller. Ink is spared over it which is needed to cure or dry. To fulfill this requirement a continuous monitoring and controlling is required. Monitoring is achieved by using Microcontroller. Microcontroller translate the data on PC, all required levels for curing is set by microcontroller. Microcontroller set the level of ink, temperature level of UV lamp, moisture level of ink and speed of blowers.