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Study on Laser Doping and Electroplating Copper for Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Applications

Photovoltaic characteristics of monocrystalline silicon solar cells (MSSCs) were investigated by the electroplating copper (EPC) as the rear metallization. The boron back-surface-field (B-BSF) formed by the spin-on-dopant and the laser doping (LD) was prepared as the seed layer of the EPC. The LD parameters, including the laser focus, the laser power, the laser speed, and the laser pitch, were investigated. The achievement of conversion efficiency (CE) improvement of more than 0.6% absolute from 15.6% to 16.2% for MSSCs with a tuning LD process was explored. The promoted mechanism could be attributed to the reduction of laser damage and continuous B-BSF seed layer. Keywords - Laser Doping, Electroplating Copper, Monocrystalline Silicon Sole Cells.