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Investigation of Electrical Characteristics of Flexible Pet/Ito Substrates for Whole-Folding Test

For display industry flexible displays are high current interests for a variety of information product applications. This study presents an electrical characterization of flexible polyethylene terephthalate/indium tin oxide (PET/ITO) substrates for whole-folding test by using an automatic sliding-folding testing system (ASFTS). To quantize folding conditions, ASFTS for folding function is utilized to control radii of curvature of the flexible substrates, whole-folding times, and velocities. As a result, the new technique successfully measures electrical characteristics of flexible PET/ITO substrates up to 120,000 whole-folding times with a folding radius of 25 mm. The electrical characteristics post-test were then compared to the pre-test findings. Based on the comparative analysis, it could be seen that resistance varied by approximately 300 Ω. These results provide a reference for flexible electronic product researchers and manufacturers, to improve flexible electronic devices in the future. Keywords- Polyethylene Terephthalate/Indium Tin Oxide, Whole-Folding Test, Automatic Sliding-Folding Testing System.