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Secured and Lossless Reversible Data Hiding Scheme for Satellite Images

Fast and inexpensive transmission of digital data over wireless network is arising the need for security to protect the data . Security techniques such as watermarking, steganography and cryptography are used to protect the data during transmission over internet. Reversible data hiding is the method that aims for successful recovery of secret data and the cover work at the receiver without degrading the quality of cover work. In this work a novel idea of text embedding scheme using RDH is proposed. The security is provided to the text with the help of encryption using Logistic Map, this encrypted text is embedded into the satellite image by histogram shifting technique so that mishandling of text with respect to image is overcome. The watermarked satellite image is again encrypted using Logistic Map to protect it from unauthorized users during its transmission. At the receiver decryption of the image, extraction of text is carried out by using the data hiding key and decryption keys. This method does not require original image at the receiver, to extract the secret information. Index Terms— Reversible Data Hiding, Text Information, Logistic Map, Histogram Shifting