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A Novel Approach for Carrying Out Dental Activities Such as Drilling and Filling using Automated Robots

Robots aren't new to healthcare. But in the field of dentistry, robots are yet to reach their next step. It happens that most of the time; people visit dental hospitals for minor operations such as drilling and filling. For at least in our country, this case seams to appear regularly. This paper presents a new approach for carrying out the basic dental activities like drilling and filling using automated robots. In the aim of improving the quality time spent by the busy dentists and to get more accurate dental operation, this idea helps in performing the basic dental activities (drilling and filling). The prototype for this idea is carried out using Dexter ER2 Robotic Arm for performing dental activities and image processing for finding the cavities in the tooth. The image processing is carried out using the picture captured from the camera, before and after the operation. The result of the working prototype shows that, it is feasible to carry out drilling and filling using robotic arms in dentistry. Index terms- Dental, Robotics, Image Processing And Precision.