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Modelling Of 250wp Photovoltaic Module And Its Performance Analysis Using Matlab /Simulink

Interlinking of photovoltaic (PV) power to grid is one of the major interests. Design, study and analysis of key components in a photovoltaic power system starting from generation of power to interlinking to main grid are very crucial. Photovoltaic module is one of the main components of a photovoltaic power system. Also the PV power is dependent on a source of energy that can fluctuate daily, hourly and over even shorter periods hence it is important to build an accurate photovoltaic module and analyze characteristics of the PV module under various conditions. Further, for the design of an efficient MPPT algorithm the range of maximum power to be tracked is necessary. This paper presents an efficient PV module based on single diode equivalent circuit model using MATLAB/Simulink. And compared the simulated model results with manufacturer’s specifications like peak current, peak voltage, open circuit voltage and short circuit current .Also the performance of the module under variation of series resistance, ideality factor, irradiation, and temperature are analyzed. Model evaluation is presented using a WEBEL SOLAR W2300 250W Monocrystalline module. The simulated results matches with the manufacturer specification and analysis of module provides a range of peak power during various conditions which helps in designing an accurate PV system.