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Study Of Flat Plate Solar Water Heater With Force Circulating Pump

Use of solar energy has become more popular because it is major example of Renewable energy source. A flat plate solar water heater has been designed and the capacity of water heater is 60 liter. This solar water heater start the heating of water from initial temperature to final temperature approximate 70 degree in certain period of time by using solar energy getting from sun radiation. The efficiency are basically depends on specific arrangement of the solar setup and radiation absorbing capacity of flat plate collector. This is an ongoing project in which all the requirement as higher efficiency, low cost, durability, safety & maintenances etc. are achieved day to day with specific design of solar water heater. In The specific arrangement of the solar water heater are flat plate collector are designed with reducing heat loss and tilt the flat plate collector at specific angle so large sun radiation absorb. Use of pure water and low dissolved solid contained water play good role in increase efficiency of heated water.